The Style Schedule is here to serve as a guide for the style we will focus on at each meeting.  Club members are encouraged to pick a style they are interested in and present about it at an upcoming club meeting while beers of that style are being tasted. A member may choose to compare and contrast the styles, pick one of the listed styles to focus on, or choose a sub-style to educate about. 

 January Belgian, French
 March Dark, Stout, Porter
 May Amber, Red, Brown
 July Wheat, Session, Lager
 September   IPA/Pale Ale
 November Autumn and Winter Seasonal, Cider, Mead

Suggestions for giving a presentation on a style or sub-style:
- Bring several examples to pour during discussion.
- Cover style guidelines and ranges (IBU, SRM, OG, FG, ABV, mouthfeel, sweetness, common flavors, etc)
- Bring printed copies of a recipe to try that is within the style.
- Discuss history, origin, recent developments of the style.