The Style of the Month Schedule is here to serve as a guide for the style we will focus on at each monthly meeting.  Club members are encouraged to pick a style they are interested in and present about it at an upcoming club meeting while beers of that style are being tasted. Most months include multiple styles. A member may choose to compare and contrast the styles, pick one of the listed styles to focus on, or choose a sub-style to educate about.  All styles are from the 2015 BJCP Guidelines and can be entered into most competitions. Styles are assigned to months in advance of when they are often consumed to give club members information in time to brew the style at appropriate times of year.

   Even Years  Odd Years
 January  Categories 1 & 2: Lagers  Categories 1 & 10: Wheat beers
 February  Categories 5 & 11: European Bitters - Kolsch, Helles, Pils & Bitters  Categories 3 & 4: Czech & European lagers
 March  Hops, Grains, Yeast Update  Hops, Grains, Yeast Update
 April  Category 29: Fruit Beers, Lambics  Categories 6 & 7: European Amber Lagers
 May  Categories 13 & 19: British and American Amber and Brown Beers  Categories 12 & 21: IPAs
 June  Session beers (<5% abv)  Categories 27: Historical Beers
 July  Categories 14 & 15: Irish & Scottish Ales  Categories 8 & 9: European Darks & Strongs
 August  Brewfest planning and tap system checkout  Brewfest planning and tap system checkout
 September Categories 16 & 20: Porters & Stouts  Categories 32 & 33: Smoked, Wood/Barrel Aged
 October  Mead  Cider
 November  Categories 18, 24,26: Belgians, Trappists - Singles, Dubbles, Triples, Strongs  Categories 17, 22 & 25: Strong Ales, Barleywines, Ssisons, Golden strongs, Wee Heavy
 December  Category 30: Spiced beer, Autumn & Winter Seasonals  Categories 23, 28: Sours, Wilds, Brett, Gueuze, Flanders Red

Suggestions for giving a presentation on a style or sub-style:
- Bring several examples to pour during discussion.
- Cover style guidelines and ranges (IBU, SRM, OG, FG, ABV, mouthfeel, sweetness, common flavors, etc)
- Bring printed copies of a recipe to try that is within the style.
- Discuss history, origin, recent developments of the style.