Our actual event coordination is handled in our private Facebook site, accessible to all current members.  This is a list of annual events that we participate in, recognize, or just try not to forget about.

2018 Meeting Schedule

Jan 13 - Jeff Kroeker (Lake Arrowhead)
March 10 - The Harpers (Dart Canyon/Crestline)
May 12 - The Dodgens (Running Springs)
July 14 - The Grants hosting at Peninsula Park (4:00pm)
Sept 8 - The Childs (Arrowhead)
Nov 10 - Donnie's new place in Crestline (tentative)

We will post calendar invites for the meetings ahead of time in the private club Facebook site. Any style homebrew is welcome at all meetings.  If you will be bringing craft beers though, please see the Style Schedule page and bring something based on the current schedule.